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5 Ideas to Attract Mission-Fit Students | Podcast: Fluid Comms = Better Results [EDU Marketing Minute]

Mission-fit is a term that is so critical to every type of educational institution. Those students who matriculate, retain, and ultimately graduate are those who fit with the purpose and mission of your institution. Learn five ideas this week to attract those…


Basics of Copywriting | Podcast: High School Perspective [EDU Marketing Minute]

In this week's Caylor Solutions blog: learn how using the basics of copywriting can help your content marketing convert your prospects into enrolled students.And...with this week's podcast, we have a unique conversation with Chris Cleveland, Principal at Wesl…


10 Tools for HigherEd Marketing | Podcast: Support Community [EDU Marketing Minute]

Who doesn't love a top 10 list?In this week's blog post, we unpack 10 valuable tools for higher ed marketing that are extremely low cost and within reach of just about any size school.With this week's podcast, we have a conversation with Dr. Larry Johnson, Pr…


Video Email for Prospects | Podcast: Notre Dame Authentic Messaging [EDU Marketing Minute]

Per my video above, we are all about using personalized video emails in all we are doing! Read our post to see how to make it effective for you at your school!Also, this week on the podcast, we talk to AMA Higher Ed Marketer of the year, Tim Bohling, from the…


Student Ambassador Programs | Podcast: Marketing Distinctives [EDU Marketing Minute]

Who do students want to hear from? Counselors? Recruiters? Faculty? Yes, but they often lean in to listen when other students talk. Do you have a good student ambassador program in place? Read this week's article about how to implement that at your school.Thi…


9 Reasons for Website Chat | Podcast: Storytelling w/ Mark Jobe [EDU Marketing Minute]

Live chat is instant access to a live representative through a chat window that pops up on the user’s screen. We all expect it when we are seeking answers and customer service. Why should we not provide that to our "customers?" Today's blog provides 9 reasons…


ASAP: 5 Tips Convert Leads to Apps | Podcast: SocMed Expert [EDU Marketing Minute]

Tis the season: Final decisions. Deposits. Housing. Like many schools, you may be a bit behind where you want to be. Read our blog post this week with five tips to convert leads to apps ASAP.And on the podcast, we talk with Rob Clark, former director of admis…


3 Questions for Websites | Podcast: Clarity on Access [EDU Marketing Minute]

When organizing your website, or quite honestly any higher education marketing, always start with your key questions: who, why, and how? Read more in this week's blog post.And on the podcast, we have a unique opportunity to talk about how to educate those pro…


7 Tips for Campus Tours | Podcast: Silos & Mission [EDU Marketing Minute]

Getting prospective students to campus often "seals the deal" for enrollment. But, are you doing all you can to impact that experience? Read this week's blog post about seven ideas to improve your efforts.And on the podcast, we have a conversation with Philip…


Brand Storytelling | Podcast: Outcomes [EDU Marketing Minute]

I have been a fan of Donald Miller's Building a StoryBrand book for a while. Today we look at the concept of brand storytelling in higher education with examples from Miller, Pulizzi, and a recent conversation with Jim Small at Notre Dame. Great article you w…


Websites: Enrollment-Focus | Harvard: Podcast 50 🎉 [EDU Marketing Minute]

Today we tackle the idea of optimizing your website for enrollment-focused success. The recent RNL E-Expectations report stated that a school's website is the most influential source in their college search. How is your site holding up?Also, have you ever tho…


LinkedIn Marketing | Podcast: Peer-2-Peer ZeeMee [EDU Marketing Minute]

Have you considered LinkedIn as part of your enrollment marketing? Take a look at this week's blog post for more details.Also, quick question: do you treat GenZ differently than you treated Millenials?If not, you may have a problem. Learn more as we talk to A…


Giving Pages | Podcast: Capital Campaigns [EDU Marketing Minute]

This week we talk about giving...does your school have a day of giving upcoming this Spring? Let us know! Check out the blog posts focused on advancement!Also, on The HigherEd Marketer, we continue our theme by talking to Steve Brady, Vice President for Insti…


Big Data in Marketing | Podcast: The College Tour [EDU Marketing Minute]

Great new content from Caylor Solutions


Demonstrate Benefits | Podcast: LRAP Programs [EDU Marketing Minute]

Be sure to articulate the benefits your school offers! It is not always obvious. This week's blog post goes into how to make your school irresistible to prospective students by demonstrating those benefits.This week on The HigherEd Marketer, we talk with Pete…


Landing Pages: 3 Tips | Podcast: Student-Generated Content [EDU Marketing Minute]

Landing pages are the conversion points for so much higher education marketing. This week's blog goes into some tips to enhance the performance of these key elements in your plan.This week on The HigherEd Marketer, we focus on student-produced, authentic cont…


Branding Campaigns | Podcast: Case Statements: 5 Elements [EDU Marketing Minute]

Looking for tips for your next branding campaign? This week's blog post provides you with four tips around going deeper on the core of who you are as a school, and what makes you distinctive.This week's podcast goes into the five elements of an advancement gi…


Unleash Your Marketing Team | Podcast: Retention at IU [EDU Marketing Minute]

Ready to unleash your marketing team? Inspired by recent conversations with Ethan Braden of Purdue University, this week's blog provides tips on how your team can become the drivers of marketing on campus, rather than driven by the campus.And speaking of conv…


Marketing Watering Holes | Podcast: Evolution of the Web [EDU Marketing Minute]

This week's blog post focuses on the idea of joining your audience where they already gather. I call these "marketing watering holes." It could be in the digital or physical realm. Read on to understand how to be where your audience is.And, be sure to check o…


Productivity and Mental Health | Podcast: Loyalty [EDU Marketing Minute]

Welcome to 2022! We wish the best for the new year, and especially for our collective mental health. We have seen the articles and data around the toll that the pandemic has had on mental health. Take a look at today's post for some encouragement. Also, be su…